Exhibition Conviti e Banchetti

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Conviti e banchetti.
L’arte di imbandire le mense

March 30, 2018- January 6, 2019
Museo Stibbert | via Stibbert, 26 | Firenze


Before the time the Stibbert became a museum, it was a home were all the daily functions of family life took place. They cooked, they had guest parties, they had lunch together, and were always socializing. Today, for the exhibition "Conviti e Banchetti" the Stibbert Museum wanted to take the audience back to this time and revive the great traditions of a banquet. The exhibition’s purpose is to show how tables were displayed, set, decorated, and served from the Renaissance to the 19th century.

There were distinct styles throughout history and the types of pottery and tableware are particular to those eras. These reconstructions are presented in display cases, along with decorative aspects to tie the theme and tradition together. The exhibition itinerary starts from the Renaissance time.

The "Renaissance Sideboard" contains numerous ceramics from different manufacturers in Italy, particularly Montelupo and Urbino.

The Baroque Banquet consists of sumptuous, wealth-displaying spectacles involving food and performance. The elaborate food setup, along with extravagant apparatuses, became the focal point of everyone at the table. The ‘From the Kitchen to the Table’ display depicts tools and artifacts used to prepare and mold food into works of art for the table. ‘The Stibbert Family Table Set’ is a recreation of a typical dining room table using the Stibbert family tableware. ‘The Royal Banquet’ focuses on banquets of 19th century nobility and the introduction of glassware being on the table. The ‘XIX Century Table Set’ shows the introduction of Russian service and ‘Behind the Table’ showcases tea and coffee sets and dessert tableware. The transition from ceremonial to social importance can be seen in the introduction of more and more lavish and expensive tableware as well as artistically prepared foods and atmosphere.

The exhibition has been realized thanks to Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze,
Lorenzo de’ Medici – The Italian International Institute e Lions Club Firenze Stibbert.

In collaboration with: UniCoop-Firenze, Catani e Gagliani Assicurazioni,
Fracassi Worldwide Shipping, Meschi S.r.l., Consorzio vino Chianti.

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